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March 20, 2009

5 Easy Ways to Create an Attitude of Gratitude

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By Jackie Lee

Gratitude is possibly the most powerful way to change your life. The power of gratitude is this; the more things you are grateful for the more things you will experience to be grateful for. This is the law of attraction at work, and is superbly expressed in gratitude.

Even if you are the most ungrateful person, gratitude can become a new way of life. Here’s 5 ways to begin to create an attitude of gratitude.

1. Choose. Gratitude is a choice. The first thing to do is choose that you will be grateful, and decide to notice around you those things to be grateful for.

2. Breathing. When stuck in a rough spot take a minute, close your eyes and breathe. On your inhale breathe in the words “I choose”. On your exhale breathe out a word like Peace, Calm, Gratitude, Love, Serenity; whichever feels best for you. Like all things in life, this works best when if feels good to you.

3. Play. Kids love “I Spy”. It’s a gratitude game when you put a twist on it. When you are “spying” be looking for things to be grateful for. When you find something call out “I spy with my grateful eye. . .” whatever it is that you see and feel grateful for. This is a great game to play with kids to instill an attitude of gratitude early in life.

4. Journal. Start a gratitude journal. Each night before you go to sleep take some time, it doesn’t have to be long, to write down 5 things you were grateful for today, and 5 things that you are grateful for about yourself. Do this for 30 days and you will be amazed.

5. Rampage. This doesn’t sound like gratitude, but I’m talking about a “Rampage of Appreciation” This comes from Abraham-Hicks, and works amazingly well. When you get into a funk or a bad mood start appreciating everything. Start with the air you have to breathe, and then really quickly just notice everything around you and be grateful for it. I especially enjoy doing this in the car.

An attitude of Gratitude is a powerful way to change your life. When you start focusing on all there is to be grateful for you will begin to notice there are more things to be grateful for, and as you notice more things to be grateful for, more things… well I think you get the point!

Those are 5 of my favorite gratitude techniques and I’ve left out my favorite and most powerful technique. But I’ll share it with you because I want you to feel GOOD!


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